Bihar Flood support
Come forward to provide relief to those affected by Floods in Bihar, Assam and Uttar Pradesh. Let's take a pledge to support at-least one flood affected family and help them alleviate out of poverty.
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The states of Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have been receiving heavy rainfall and have been facing unprecedented floods affecting millions of people. The situation has claimed over 600 lives and left millions displaced.

EarlyAction is already responding with a team of volunteers to the situation in Assam and Purnia district in Bihar with a focus on the most marginalised sections of the society, which include women and girls who are disproportionately affected during any calamity.

Families have lost their homes, as well as their agricultural produce, personal valuables and livestock, all of which they depended on for their livelihood. They are facing challenges in accessing safe drinking water and are forced to drink contaminated water as hand-pumps which are the major source of drinking water are submerged. Open defecation is rampant as there is flood water everywhere. With no toilets, people defecate in open fields and old age people defecate near the shelter place. Women in menstruation face great difficulty. Thus, sanitation facility is a major problem and poses serious health risks.
Immediate needs
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Safe Drinking water. Hygiene kits, ORS, Water purification sachets
  • Food Basket – Immediate supply of food baskets
  • Non-Food Items – Mosquito Nets, Solar lamps, Clothes
  • Shelter – Ground sheets / Floor mats, Tarpaulin or make shift tent
It’s a terrible ordeal for lakhs of children and families hit by floods. Every bit of support counts in helping them move past the effects of this tragedy. With your support, we can help them bring back normalcy into their lives. Please donate generously. Your support can save and change lives.

We need to reach out to many more families who have been devastated and lost their livelihoods.
But we can’t do it alone. We URGENTLY need your support.