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Donate Your Used Computers and Laptops

Your Old PC Can Open the Doors of Knowledge for Someone in Need.

Every person, as well as organisation, tries to keep pace with the technological changes. So, many of us are replacing our old desktops and laptops with the latest models. We know computers and we can see that these old PCs are fully functional and therefore usable. They can prove to be a boon for children who have not even seen a computer.

If your computer is less than five years old, chances are it can be put to good use by someone else. Usually, the lifespan of a computer is seven to eight years. Extending the computer’s lifespan through reuse provides the highest environmental benefit of all electronics disposal alternatives.

Many kids in slum schools are talented and intelligent, yet, they do not get to improvise their intelligence due to the lack of resources. It aims to provide computers and laptops to these marginalized youth, which in turn will help them grasp a better idea about their subjects. They will get to know better about the world and the society around them.

Computer education not only helps the kids to know better about the world. But, it is also absolutely essential in helping them to secure better jobs in the long run. Most slum children go to schools where teaching standards are low and classrooms are seriously under-equipped. Often, they tell us that their classrooms may have a computer in them, but they are never allowed to touch it.

A best way of throwing away your computer pc / laptop is to donate to a visionary child/person who can learn a lot and change his future. Your old computer might have some life in it before it is dumped. It will also help to reduce e-waste problem.

Many poor children’s and people who always dream about computer and never get a opportunity to learn, only you can make a difference by donating your old PC/laptop.
World’s E-Waste to grow 33% by 2017, says global report. Millions of computers and laptops are dumped every day, informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries may cause serious health and pollution problems, as these countries have limited regulatory oversight of e-waste processing. A dumped monitor or Pc had a some life in it to reuse in the way of using its components.

In order to make this campaign successful and promote growth and learning of the poor children who have big dreams, we look forward to hearing from you.

Email:; Call: 8860002064

Email us details of your donation items with complete address of pick-up point, contact person, contact number and suitable time to collect. At present we are collecting computers / laptops from Delhi NCR only.

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