Happy Childacre Centre

In urban slums, both parents are often out working as day labor to make ends meet. Pre-school children receive neither adequate social and educational developmental support nor nutrition or health care. They are likely to grow up sickly and undeveloped. They will also not be used to the idea of education and will have problems in school.

Many a time too, elder siblings drop out of school to care for them, a major reason for the high drop-out rate in slum schools.

Our Happy Childcare Centers take care of these little ones, nourishing not only their growing bodies and minds but also providing the kind of maternal love and support the young ones need at that age.

Health, Nutrition and Medical Care
  • Monthly health check-up along with provisions of medicines.
  • Provision of daily nutritious lunches.
  • If a child misses class, the teacher/social worker goes to her home and if she is ill, arranges the necessary medical care.
Preparing for Primary School

The goals of the Happy Childcare Centers are to develop the child’s social skills and personality, equip her with necessary subject skills and instill the habit of going to school, learning, reading which she will not pick up from home. Because the children are so young, 1-6 yrs, teachers stand almost in place of mothers.

  • We provide all necessary books, supplies, backpacks, and uniforms for the children.
  • The children play, learn the alphabet and numbers and basic reading and arithmetic skills in both Hindi and English.
  • They learn poems, paint, draw, do crafts & theatre.
  • Each child takes regular tests to ensure progress and kids who need extra help are provided it.
Building Parental Support

Centers faces the challenge of convincing parents who are illiterate and unaware of the value of education to send their children to school. It is very difficult. Many times multiple home visits are required. Through experience, our community workers have learnt how to achieve success.

Teachers/social workers are recruited from the beneficiary population so parents have greater trust in the messenger and message.

Finally, since parents don’t have time or money for transportation, schools are opened within the beneficiary area.

Don’t leave a child helpless‎! Help us send poor children school‎

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