Healthcare Services

Due to lack of knowledge, information and orientation in health and hygiene the people living in urban slums cannot understand the need of immunization, importance of growth monitoring, technique of low cost nutritious food preparation, different methods of birth control, spacing between two children, importance using sanitary or pit type latrine, preparation of safe drinking water, maintenance of personal hygiene and disposal of waste products from the home and practices to maintain good health. So the incidence of maternal mortality, child mortality, morbidity, dehydration and malnutrition rate and other infectious diseases are quite high as per our community diagnosis.

Objectives of our Healthcare Programs

  • To arouse adequate consciousness about health and hygiene among villages.
  • To reduce the incidence of maternal mortality, child mortality and morbidity re-hydration and malnutrition rate and to provide both antenatal and post-natal a care.
  • To make the people conscious through basic literacy, hygiene, nutritional and environmental education.
  • To improve the nutritional and health standard of mother and children suffering malnutrition in our target area
Our Healthcare Initiatives

Free Health Checkup Camps

Free Health Checkup Camps EarlyAction is currently running a project that consists in providing medical assistance to the vulnerable communities of Delhi NCR through the organization of Medical camps. The main roleRead More...
By : eaindia | Aug 16, 2017

Mobile Medical Care Units

Mobile Medical Care Units There are persons who are too vulnerable and old to visit hospital for treatment & are too poor to afford it. It hence, becomes necessary to bring medicalRead More...
By : eaindia | Aug 15, 2017