Livelihood Programs

The Livelihood programs objective is to develop life skills of underprivileged communities and empower them in overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges. Projects seek to establish an effective and sustainable instrument to improve the living condition and economic status of the disadvantaged community and strengthen their livelihood base by establishing systems that foster outcome.

All our Livelihood projects have been implemented as a part of a well-planned end-to-end solution for productivity and income enhancement through capacity building of community, facilitating adoption of improved package of practices, facilitating credit availability, building systems accessible to the poor for critical support services.

It aims to break the cycle of infrastructural inequalities and inter-generational transmission of poverty through developing networks, building local cooperation and acting on local passion and motivation.


  • To equip the youth with employability skills in computers, hospitality, financial and retail in order to make them financially self-dependent.
  • To promote confidence and presentation skills by incorporating aspects of English speaking and Personality Development.
  • To promote employment by identification and placement of these students in the respective corporate/ organizations.