Medical Van

Mobile Medical Care Units

There are persons who are too vulnerable and old to visit hospital for treatment & are too poor to afford it. It hence, becomes necessary to bring medical facilities at their doorsteps.

This tragedy of old age magnifies in proportion, if elderly person is financially poor. He not only faces neglect of family, but does not receive proper nutrition, medical facilities & various things necessary in twilight years of life.

The intention behind this initiative was to provide free medical check-ups, medication and healthcare facilities at doorstep to the larger community who do not have access to good quality medical support. These visits also served as an educational platform for the society where citizens are taught about the Do’s and Don’ts to maintain proper and better hygiene, with a focus on preventive health.

Objectives of the Project

  • The primary objective of the mobile clinic is to bring health care into a community with limited access, specifically to those who are uninsured or underinsured.
  • To ensure curative health care: To prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for the common ailments and referral to hospital for other cases.
  • To raise awareness about preventive health care issues including family planning, communicable and other diseases, audio visual equipment and a large screen will be fitted in the van. With the help of this facility educational films can be shown in villages.
  • The clinic also integrates patients into existing social services and health care systems through referrals.
  • To provides free episodic care at a time and place chosen to best serve our target population.

Each unit team consists of a medical consultant, pharmacist, social worker & driver. Each Unit is equipped to provide primary health consultation, basic diagnostic services, free medicines, referrals to specialized health care providers and counselling services. The social worker also informs and educates the community on preventive healthcare, hygiene and Govt. Schemes.

We need your valuable support to continue ensuring the health of the underprivileged.

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